• railway concrete sleepers PS94(PS93)/SB/60E1, PS94(PS93)/SB/49E1, PS94M/SB PS83/SB/60E1,PS83/SB/49E1, PS83/K/60E1,PS83/K/49E1
  • tramway concrete sleepers PS83/SB/Ri60, PS83/SB/49E1, PT99/SB/49E1
  • railway concrete switch sleepers SP-93, SP-06a (for all types of turnouts)
  • wooden sleepers pine, oak, beech – type I, II, III without ribplate, drilled with rib plate to 60E1 or 49E1,
  • wooden switch sleepers pine, oak – type I i II
  • wooden bridge sleepers pine – type I, II, III
  • steel sleepers type Yto rails 49E1, 60E1
  • road slabs CBP, type Mirosław Ujski

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